Message from the Director of Institute

Rensuke GOTO, Ph.D.

@@Our Institute for Environmental Sciences was established in April 1997 and has 13 laboratories with 26 staffs. Although our Institute is small, the research we pursue covers a broad area of environmental science. The research subjects include basic characteristics and distribution of the chemical and biological constituents in the environment, their ecological and health implications, and technology and policy of environmental management.
@@All staff also belong to the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Graduate School of Nutritional and Environmental Sciences. In March of this year, 20 graduate students of our Department obtain a master degree, and five students a Ph. D degree of environmental science. As we do not have an undergraduate course, we seek more direct collaboration with regional civil society through such activities as holding open days, giving public lectures, organizing a forum for environmental research collaboration, and providing one-day scientific experience for school children.
@@We invite and welcome active graduate students, and collaboration in intra- and international research programs as well as in regional environmental scientific activity.

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