Laboratory of Environmental Microbiology

Tamotsu MORITA, Ph.D.   TEL +81-54-264-5797, FAX +81-54-264-5793

Research Associate
Hirotaka NAITOU, M.S.   TEL&FAX +81-54-264-5793

Main Projects

1.  Sensitive Qualitative and Quantitative Detection of Genomic RNA from Enteroviruses by PCR
 Since the enteroviruses such as small round-structured (Norwalk-like) virus and hepatitis A virus have not yet been cultivated in vitro, RT-PCR and competitive PCR are used to study the epidemiology and the transmission of these viruses.

2.  Quantification of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) Genomic RNA and Proviral DNA by Competitive PCR and the Clinical Course
 The amounts of HIV-1 genomic RNA and proviral DNA in the peripheral blood from HIV-1 infected patients are quantified at intervals and used as the prognostic marker and the evaliation of antiretroviral therapy.

3.  Detection of a Very Low Level of Cytomegarovirus (CMV) DNA in Sera by PCR as a Clinical Marker
 We established conditions for nested PCR that detected one copy of CMV DNA. PCR detection of CMV DNA seems to be suitable for predicting early recurrent CMV infection and monitoring the efficacy of antiviral therapy.

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