Laboratory of Physical Chemistry

Associate Professor
Masakazu MAKINO, Ph.D.  TEL +81-54-264-5785

Main Projects

1.  Degradation properties of environmental pollutants used as pesticides.
 We are studying degradation properties of organophosphorus and organochlorinated pesticides in various environmental mediums. We are especially concerned with their changes due to interactions with humic substances and metal ions contained in water-soil environments. This research aims to obtain fundamental information which is useful for revealing the fate of environmental pollutants such as pesticides much discharged in water-soil systems.

2. Application of cyclodextrin inclusion functions to environmental chemicals.
 Cyclodextrins are cyclic oligosaccharides rich in inclusion abilities to various compounds. We are studying application of the abilities to achievement of cyclodextrin-catalyzed degradation of organophosphorus pesticides and also to development of cyclodextrin-enhanced fluorometry and capillary electrophoresis for coumarin-based pesticides. This research aims to exploit new availabilities of cyclodextrins in the field of environmental chemistry.

3. Monitoring of eutrophication of water environment systems.
 Nutrients containing phosphorus and nitrogen are regulated as limiting nutrients for such as planktonic organisms living in water environment systems. These have been shown to cause eutrophication of river and sea waters frequently observed as red water phenomena. We are monitoring seasonal variations of the nutrient concentrations in the water environments. This research aims to reveal climatic and ecological influences on eutrophication of waters, especially influences of sunshine energy and photosensitizing humins in surface waters.

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