Laboratory of Water and Soil Environment

The Director of Institute
Mitsuyuki SOMA, Ph.D.   TEL&FAX +81-54-264-5729

Research Associate
Yukinori TANI, Ph.D.    TEL +81-54-264-5728

General research areas
○Chemical fate of indicator substances in aquatic and soil environments
○Surface-chemical processes in aquatic and soil environments
○Chemical analysis of materials from aquatic and soil environments

Research activity
 Water is indispensable for life, and together with soil supports the growth of life on earth. Our research is directed at elucidating chemical processes controlling life in aquatic and soil environments. Special attention is paid to assessing the role of surface-chemical processes at liquid/solid interfaces, using conventional atomic and molecular spectroscopies as well as modern surface analytical techniques. We aim to extend our research to systems involving biological interfaces. We invite and welcome students who are interested in undertaking researches in these areas. We would also welcome those who are interested in doing field work around Shizuoka. It seems important to us to verify conclusions derived from laboratory experiments by field observations. In addition, field work invariably provides a fresh perspective of the research topic.

Research topics investigated
・Reconstruction of the environmental history of lakes by determining the chemical composition of water and sediment. This approach has been applied to Lake Baikal and Lake Hamana, supplemented by measurements of photosynthetic pigments as indicators of algal population.
・ Soil acidification and changes in chemical composition of catchments in tea growing areas of Shizuoka Prefecture.
・ Chemo-dynamical behavior of organotin compounds in water and sediment.
・ Water and soil chemistry in relation to land-form and land use in Shizuoka.

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