Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry

Yoshiyasu TERAO, Ph.D.   TEL&FAX +81-54-264-5788

Research Associate
Tatsushi SHIOZAWA, M.S.  TEL +81-54-264-5739

Research Activities

   Research in our laboratory, with background in organic chemistry, is primarily focused on the formation and fate of environmental chemicals. We work on synthesis and structural determination of the toxic materials isolated newly from the environment, and on elucidation of the mechanism for the transport and the transformation in water, soil and air.

Main Projects

1.  Mutagens contaminated in river water
 We have already found new mutagens, 2-phenyl-2H-benzotirazol derivatives (PBTA), in river water.

2. Toxic organohalogen compounds produced spontaneously by reaction with hypochlorous acid in wastewater treatment plants

3. Green chemistry; synthesis of chiral compounds by enzymatic methodology

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