Laboratory of Chemical Environment

Hisashi YOSHIOKA, Ph.D.   TEL +81-54-264-5783

Research Associate
Kieko SAITO, Ph.D.    TEL +81-54-264-5719

Main Projects

1.  Chemistry on Reactive Oxygen Species, Free Radicals
 Reactive oxygen species and free radicals are recently focusing attentions because they are acknowledged as origins which induce various sickness or aging. UV rays, radiations and diesel exhaust particles known as environmental problems affect on a living body also by forming these active species. We are studying their structure, reactivity, interaction with biomolecules using ESR and other chemical or physico-chemical methods.

2. Measurements of Radical-Scavenging Activity of Antioxidants
 It must be a important problem from the viewpoint of health science to search effective antioxidants and examine its activity. We are especially studying tea catechins because green tea is one of globally popular favorite drinks.

3. Research and Development of Chitin and Chitosan
 Chitin and chitosan are polysaccharides obtainable in a large amount from the shells of Crustacea like crabs and shrimps. Recently, it has been shown that chitin and chitosan show various pharmacological effects. We have synthesized new polymer-surfactants from chitosan; it was non-toxic and was usable for medicines, cosmetics and foods. Research and development of chitin/chitosan for industrial use is our main subject.

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