Laboratory of Environmental Policy

Isamu YOKOTA, Ph.D.   TEL +81-54-264-5748

Research Associate
Yoshitaka NITTA, Ph.D.  TEL +81-54-264-5796


Main Projects

1.  Management by "3R (reducing, reusing, recycling)" and Waste Disposal
 I will use the experience from my years with the Ministry of the Environment and other government related organizations to teach this graduate course. People with interests in designing a social system that uses the 3R (reducing, reusing, or recycling) to process the waste are welcome to join. The study will also focus on how to dispose of domestic and industrial waste that cannot be processed with the 3R in an environmentally sustainable way.

2. Access to a better environmental management system
 The best way to protect the environment is to prevent pollution, for it requires a lot of time and money to restore the environment once it is polluted by urban or industrial activities. The course will focus on two of the most typical pollution prevention systems: the "environment impact assessment system" and the "environmental audit system."

3. Global Environmental Issues
 Increasing greenhouse gas emissions are a result of our modern industrial society. That industrial activity has also been a source of wealth to those nations that have successfully industrialized. The links between greenhouse gas emissions and economic activity are, therefore, very significant. The study will center around how should a society respond to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions and the potential threat of global warming.

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