Laboratory of Ecological Chemistry

Associate Professor
Shinya HASHIMOTO, Ph.D.   TEL +81-54-264-5782, Fax +81-54-264-5782

Research Associate
Tsutomu WARASHINA, Ph.D.  TEL +81-54-264-5791, Fax +81-54-264-5782

Main Projects

1.  Studies on the fate of halocarbons in the aquatic environment.
 Correlation between the distribution of halocarbon and the composition of phytoplankton.

2. Distribution, source, stability, and toxicity of PAH derivatives in the aquatic environment.

3. Studies on the Constituents from the Plants related to Environment
 Phytochemical investigations on the toxic plants (Asclepiadaceae, Apocynaceae and Liliaceae) and the Brazilian Plants.

4. Inhibitor of the Enzymes in Plants
 Cardenolides from the Asclepiadaceaus plants showed the strong inhibitory effect to Na+, K+-ATPase.

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